Bright Ideas for Driving at Night

The third week in September marked the official start of fall and noticeably shorter days. That means many of us will driving in the dark more often. Here are some bright ideas for driving at night.Bob tells […]

Using HOV Lanes

Vehicles containing more people than just the driver are a relative rarity on our highways. Some estimates place them at less than 10% of the total number of vehicles on the highway! In order to encourage the […]

The Invisible Pedestrian

The Invisible Pedestrian On a morning walk I found myself facing a young woman across a busy intersection while we waited for the traffic signal to change. She was facing me but keeping an eye on the […]

Red Means Stop, But Not Always Stay

Here’s an interesting question from the DriveSmartBC inbox: There is a mid-block pedestrian controlled traffic light in our neighborhood and drivers frequently proceed through it after stopping if no one is in the crosswalk. Is this legal?Ask […]

Maintaining Proper Lane Position

Are some of us such poor drivers that we can’t even stay between the lines on the highway? I was driving home and met a pickup truck completely onto my side of the double solid line in […]

Never Loan Your Vehicle to Anyone

Ever wonder if or even why you should Never loan Your Vehicle? Could you possibly advise us on how best to handle international visitors using our vehicle? We are traveling to Europe this summer and friends from […]

How to Make a Safe Lane Change

I watched a particularly foolish driver the other afternoon who decided to cross over two lanes of traffic in order to prepare for a left turn about a kilometer ahead. This driver zoomed across all the lanes […]

The Roadside Camper

The Roadside Camper Traveling on a budget was likely behind a request for information that I received about camping beside the highway. The correspondent was curious to know if there are any rules in BC that would […]

Mistaking the Gas for the Brake

Mistaking the Gas for the Brake How can a driver mistake the gas for the brake? I could not rationalize this explanation after reading another news story where a senior in a parking lot had driven into […]

Do It Yourself Towing

Do It Yourself Towing Tow trucks are too expensive! I’ve got a chain and a buddy to do the steering and apply the brakes, so we’ll just drag that broken down vehicle home and fix it ourselves. […]

Left Turn on Red

Understanding a Left Turn on Red When I was relatively new to police work I was patrolling behind a car that had stopped at a red light with the left turn signal blinking. The next thing I […]

Motorized Wheelchairs

Concerns about Motorized Wheelchairs I have grave concerns about the safety of those driving battery-operated Motorized Wheelchairs and about the dangers involved for car drivers in dealing with their activities on the road. For instance, are those […]

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