Why We Celebrate Thanksgiving Day In October

Why We Celebrate Thanksgiving Day In October

Happy Thanksgiving! Ever wonder why the Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day in November, and we celebrate in October?

In the 1870s, the US Thanksgiving Day tradition began and Canada, not wanting to appear rude, quickly followed suit. From 1879 to 1898, Canadian Thanksgiving celebrations were held usually on the first Thursday in November.

In 1899, Thanksgiving Day was moved from Thursday in November to a Thursday in October. In 1908, Canadian commercial and trade groups pressured Parliament to move Thanksgiving Day from a Thursday to a Monday “to give three days in which tradesmen and others could enjoy that holiday.”

In 1931, Canadian Thanksgiving Day finally stopped changing – it and Armistice Day were formally separated. Armistice Day became  Remembrance Day and found a permanent home on November 11, and Thanksgiving Day was permanently set for the 2nd Monday in October.

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Have a safe and Happy Thanks Giving!

Article extracted from ILSTV

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