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No matter what your situation, whether you have been convicted of a DUI offence, have a number of tickets, or your insurer is just refusing to renew, there are high risk auto insurance policies available that cater to special situations.

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Being a person who must carry high risk auto insurance doesn’t have to be a permanent situation. Drivers can improve their auto insurance status by taking classes, driving a car of lesser value, adding aftermarket safety devices, and by staying sober behind the wheel. Get back on the road with a FREE High Risk Auto Insurance Quote and obtain the auto insurance policy you and your family need.


  • DUI’s
  • Tickets
  • Non-payment Cancellation & Non Renewals
  • Involved in Accidents
  • Received Convictions

Our goal is to get you back on the road with a high risk insurance solution that works for you. We have access to a wide range of insurance products from a variety of insurance companies and will find you a competitive rate.

What is a high risk driver?

High Risk Drivers Although an individual insurance company may refuse to sell you auto insurance if its approved underwriting rules determine you to be a “high risk,” the insurance industry as a whole cannot refuse to sell you basic insurance. High-risk drivers are those drivers who have had a number of convictions or at-fault accidents, had policies cancelled because they haven’t paid their premiums, or have other risk-related characteristics. The Facility Association, an insurance pool that all auto insurance companies belong to, is an insurer of last resort, which makes auto insurance available to high-risk drivers who are unable to find automobile insurance in the regular market. As well, there are a number of “non-standard” insurers that specialize in insuring high-risk drivers.

How soon after buying my car must I insure it?

You are responsible for your car as soon as you buy it; before driving it anywhere, make sure it’s insured.

A deductible is fixed amount you pay towards a claim you make on your car insurance policy.

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