Concrete vs Fibreglass Pools

Concrete vs Fibreglass Pools

Concrete Pools or Fibreglass Pools? We are commonly asked, which is better? Honestly that isn’t the right question, as one pool isn’t better than the other? They are different and both have individual positives for you as the consumer. Fibreglass pools come off the shelf and can be a simple quicker solution. Fibreglass has an advantage that you can see your pool design before you purchase it, but has limitations to site conditions like sloping sites, difficult access or yards that receive water overflow. Unfortunately for fibreglass they have a difficult time holding down Hydrostatic pressure during intense rain and can suffer catastrophic failure if the height of the pool has been assessed too low to the ground or! Sub- Terranean drainage systems have not been constructed under the floor of the pool shell to allow for drainage to flow to the relief valve (Hydrostatic Valve)

This does not mean Fibreglass are bad, they not there a great solution for people who have explored this option and chosen to build fibreglass. However too much focus is placed on the shell construction and NOT the installation process and does the contractor or installation contractor really understand the principles involved with Hydrostatic pressures? Be very sure to examine your chosen contractors depth of knowledge before you select your company.

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are an entirely different method of construction with a long list of advantages. Concrete pools are not subject to the same effects fibreglass suffer as they are build on 100-150mm of 20mm drainage gravel that allow for water pressure to flow easily and quickly to the main drain where your hydrostatic valve is placed.

The site conditions don’t impact the possibility of construction any site anywhere is possible for a concrete pool. Design options are endless, custom built to suit the home owner and their family. State of Art stair entries and benches, step outs with water-features, spa’s designed in any configuration. Your only limitation is budget and the ability of the sales persons imagination to create! With the introduction of 100% glass interiors for the concrete pool vs fully tiled this has now made swimming in a custom design body of water perfectly smooth with a dazzling effect only glass beads can offer with an impressive colour range to match.


Either pool has the ability to suit the owner, there are some mitigating factors to be considered, be sure to investigate the experience your pool company has with both types of pools.

Source: Environ Pools – Brisbane Pool Builder

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