Gender on Driver’s Licences

Gender on Driver’s Licences

Ontario is changing the way it collects and displays information about a person’s gender on their public-facing government forms and products.

Driver’s licences

In early 2017, Ontario drivers will have the option of having an X in the gender field of their driver’s licence. Ontario driver’s licences with M, F or X in the gender field will all be valid and may be used as identification to the same extent as they are currently.

Other government forms and products

Later this summer, Ontario will announce the beginning of consultations with the public and stakeholders on a range of issues about how ministries collect, use and display gender information on public-facing forms and products.

After considering all the feedback, the government will develop a policy that applies to all ministries and announce it in the fall.

Further information regarding this announcement is available at Ontario Boosts Gender Inclusivity with Changes to Official Documents.

Quick Facts

  • Customers who want a health card without a sex identifier before their regular renewal date can now get one by calling 1-866-532-3161, TTY 1-800-387-5559 or at any ServiceOntario centre.
  • There is no fee to get a new health card.
  • When available, there will not be a fee to get a driver’s licence with an ‘X’.
  • Some other countries, including Australia, New Zealand and Nepal, use an ‘X’ instead of an ‘M’ or ‘F’ on government records when gender is not specified. It is a standard accepted by the International Civil Aviation Organization, which promotes consistency among travel documents.

Background Information

Additional Resources


“Many Ontarians do not identify as female or male. As society’s understanding of gender evolves, government must adapt. Part of that is being more thoughtful about how and when we collect gender or sex information, and how we use it. We look forward to getting input from the public on these important policy changes this summer.”

Marie-France Lalonde

Minister of Government and Consumer Services

“The purpose of health cards is to show that the card holder is eligible for public health care. A person’s sex is not relevant. Ensuring that all people in Ontario feel comfortable and safe is especially important in health care settings, and removing sex designation from health cards is a step towards achieving that.”

Dr. Eric Hoskins

Minister of Health and Long Term Care

“Our government values acceptance, respect and diversity, and is committed to ensuring all Ontarians are treated equitably, ethically and fairly. That’s why in early 2017, Ontario driver’s licence cards will show either, ‘M’, ‘F’ or ‘X’ as an identifier.”

Steven Del Duca

Minister of Transportation

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