Over 10,000 Fiat 500 cars being recalled in Canada

Over 10,000 Fiat 500 cars being recalled in Canada

The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Group is recalling some 72,761 Fiat 500 cars around the world due to an issue with the vehicles’ shift cable bushings.

Of the 72,761 vehicles being recalled, 51,788 are in the United States, 10,627 in Canada, 3,520 in Mexico and 6,826 outside of North America. Auto123 reported that the recall affects older models, particularly those from the 2012 and 2013 model years.

According to the FCA, the shift cable bushings can degrade in time due to heat and humidity. The cable could ultimately separate from the transmission due to the damage. Transport Canada added that should the cable detach, it “could cause the transmission not to shift gears when the shifter is moved. If a driver attempts to exit the car while it is not in the ‘Park’ position, and the parking brake is not applied, the car could move suddenly.”

FCA said that it is aware of three minor accidents that might be related to the problem, but it does not know of any accidents or injuries resulting from it.

Vehicle owners impacted by the call have been asked to bring their cars to a service centre to have the bushing replaced.

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