Are you paying too much for insurance?

Are you paying too much for insurance?

 Save your family and friends from paying too much for insurance. In belairdirect’s latest campaign, a group stages an “insure-vention” to help a loved one who’s spending too much for his insurance.

With the always witty and chivalrous knight leading the “insure-vention”, a group confronts one of their family members on overpayment for insurance that is impacting them all. They miss having extra cash to order takeout or go on date night, and the newly-licensed son worries that his dad’s pricey insurance is a roadblock to his new freedom. To help the father, the group urges him to call belairdirect to switch and combine his home and car insurance to see if he could save 20 per cent.

“Our latest advertising campaign continues on with the playfulness our ads are known for while offering a new and enjoyable scenario,” said Humberto Valencia, Director of Marketing and Digital Platforms, belairdirect. “With this concept, we have found an original way to let Canadians know that saving money on insurance is easier than they think. Understanding that customers want savings, we’re pleased to let them know they could save 20 per cent when they switch to belairdirect and combine their car and home insurance.”

Switching and combining car and home insurance with belairdirect makes sense and offers many benefits, including:

  • Discounts: take advantage of additional discounts by combining car and home insurance;
  • Convenience: having all your documents in one place by accessing your Client Centre;
  • Peace of mind: know that in the event of an accident or insurance claim, your property and belongings are covered. It’s in our DNA to be there to help when it counts!

About belairdirect

Founded in Quebec in 1955, belairdirect provides car and home insurance products directly to consumers. It currently employs more than 1,600 people. The company offers a simple but complete solution, allowing customers to communicate with an agent by phone or online. belairdirect was the first property and casualty insurer in North America to sell car insurance products online (www.belairdirect.com), attesting to the company’s innovative character. belairdirect is a subsidiary of Intact Financial Corporation, the largest provider of property and casualty insurance in Canada and a leading provider of specialty insurance in North America (TSX : IFC – www.intactfc.com). For more information, please visit belairdirect.com or follow belairdirect on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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