Every businesses marketing strategy should look different when it comes to Facebook Ad Management, Google Ad Management and Marketing.

Every businesses marketing strategy should look different when it comes to Facebook Ad Management, Google Ad Management and Marketing.

Have you tried doing your own Facebook Ad Management? Maybe someone else is managing it for you? Every businesses marketing strategy should look different when it comes to Facebook Ad Management, Google Ad Management and Marketing.

One thing that works really well for local businesses is maximising ‘Social Proof’.

This works particularly well for local businesses, as the primal drive to ‘fit in’ socially, within a local community, is far greater than on a national scale.

Understanding this can really benefit local businesses when they advertise online.

The following is a two step process on how to successfully advertising your local business using social media, to rapidly increase brand awareness and familiarity within your community, and ultimately, drive more leads, inquiries and sales!

This process will take advantage of the benefits of Social Proof, as well as help identify interested and qualified prospects automatically.

Step 1: Engagement

Where most businesses (not just local) go wrong, is they go in for the kill right away. What I mean by that is they try to get people to ‘buy’ on their first interaction. With the right facebook ad management, your ad should be shown at least 5-20 times.

Traditionally, this does not work as well as warming an audience up first would.

The way to do this for your local business is to create multiple pieces of engaging content, tailored to your ideal demographic.

The important part here is not to try to sell necessarily, just provide something of value to whoever it is you are trying to target. (see below for examples)

Once you have the content, you then want to run engagements campaigns to it, to really drive up the number of likes, comments and shares.

*I know what you’re thinking: ‘Likes don’t equal sales’, and you’re right, but stay with me, we’ll get there…

Right away this will achieve three things:

1 – It will get your target audience familiar with your business/brand name

2 – It will help you identify those people who are within your demographic AND interested in your product or service.

3 – It will provide a TON of social proof for your business. Having 100-200 likes on your posts will instantly make you a leader in your space – Remember, *Local business*.

From there, you will have a warm targeted audience of people who know who you are, and think you’re a big name in the industry.

Step 2: Retargeting

Next step with facebook ad management is to retarget the people who engaged with your content. People who watched your videos, read your blogs, or even just visited your page.

These are people who have indicated at least some level of interest in what you do, and therefore will provide you with far higher conversions than targeting to a cold audience could.


Home Renovation Store:

Post videos giving home renovation tips, or ‘things you need to know before renovating your home’. The people that watch these will very likely be considering doing renovations. Then retarget to anyone who watched 50%-100% of your videos.


Post tips on how to whiten your teeth at home, or ‘5 Things To Avoid To Keep Your Teeth White’. Again, people who are engaging will be interested in having whiter teeth, so will make a great audience to retarget with your offer.

All Businesses:

Upload a client testimonial video talking about the process of using your product/service and the impact it made on them. Retargeting to people who viewed 50%-100% of the video.


All Businesses:

Write an article or blog post talking about ‘How To Get Started With X’, ‘Things You Need To Know Before Buying Y’, ‘Don’t Hire a Z Before Reading This’ etc. and then retarget to website traffic.

As you can see there’s countless ways you can have a successful facebook ad management campaign or google campaign, but hopefully you can see how the combination of providing value upfront, and then layering on ton of social proof, and finishing off with a cleverly designed retargeting offer can work wonders for a local business.

If you would like tailored help with Facebook ad management or Google ads, feel free to email Instinct Media at info@instinctmedia.com.au, or visit www.instinctmedia.com.au

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