Swimming Pools Brisbane number 1 in the race, followed by Arizona, USA.

Swimming Pools Brisbane number 1 in the race, followed by Arizona, USA.

Swimming pools Brisbane, oh what a magical thought these bring to mind! 

The old days when we were kids, life was easier, fun, exciting and full of adventure! 

Weekends were for family BBQs with friends and splashing in the pool. 

That doesn’t have to be a memory…

Queensland is in a neck and neck race for the #1 position for pools per household per capita in the world. In fact, in a recent study, Queensland was #1, followed by Arizona, USA. 

That is truly an incredible fact and something that we as Australians (and in particular Queenslanders) should be very proud of! 

Yes, I’m proud to be a Queenslander and sell swimming pools to so many amazing families. Your new swimming pool will be one of the biggest investments you will ever make… 

Most families will only ever purchase 1 or 2 pools in their lifetime.. 

..Compared to cars or homes, choosing a pool and dealing with the right company for you is a paramount decision. 

The design and function of your pool is so important that great care should be taken in reviewing and choosing your pool contractor. 

Yesterday, a new client booked in for a quote as her girlfriend had recently built a pool and loved the design and service Environ offered at the sales presentation. 

Unfortunately Environ didn’t win the project as our competitor out won our proposal based on price. 

When asked by her friend who would she recommend for a pool builder? She said; 

“I wish I chose Environ now, that was a regrettable mistake.” 

Yes, I do believe in this company, having just recently won National Gold Pool Builder Concrete 2019 by SPASA. Swimming Pools Brisbane among many in the race.

It is an achievement and an award being the #1 chosen pool contractor in our field Nationally we are proud of. 

Choosing your pool is a very important decision, at Environ Pools we will assist you in your design, regulations and the latest finishes and how to enhance and maximise the space within your home. Swimming Pools Brisbane homes found to be some of the most platinum pools in the pool design market.

Let’s make this 2020 Summer the most amazing Summer we as Queenslanders have ever had!!

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